T-Town TNR: 8,000 Tulsa cats vaccinated against disease and no longer reproducing.

TULSA – T-Town TNR, Inc. announces 8,000 free roaming cats have now been through their program. With Tulsa community support, more than 8,000 cats have gone through the program in response to more than 2,500 requests for assistance from Tulsa citizens. T-Town TNR has operated in Tulsa since 2015. Currently, more than 100 cats are processed through the program every month. This program has dramatically reduced the number of unadoptable, unowned cats going into the Tulsa municipal shelter to be euthanized, saving lives and city tax dollars.

T-Town TNR is an all-volunteer, nonprofit working within the Tulsa city limits. The goal of T- Town TNR is to humanely reduce the free-roaming, unowned cat population by using nationally recognized Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) methods. TNVR reduces and stabilizes free- roaming cat populations and makes our neighborhoods and community cats healthier and safer.

Every time a cat is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and returned to its outdoor home it returns as a healthier, happier cat. No more reproduction means not only no more kittens exposed to the elements, but also no more mating behaviors like fighting, roaming, yowling, and spraying. Ultimately the population dwindles.

Socialized cats and kittens are found homes through T-Town TNR partners. Further, TNVR reduces the number of cats and kittens dying in the shelters and on the street.

The program uses:

  • nationally recognized humane practices,
  • works with a network of clinics, veterinarians, and animal welfare organizations,
  • provides caregiver training and monitoring to ensure the safety and health of both cats and neighbors
  • reduces and stabilizing free-roaming cat populations, and
  • collaborates with local and state animal welfare organizations to secure foster homes and forever homes for socialized cats and kittens. Last year over 30% of the cats that went through the program were displaced cats or adoptable kittens and were put into indoor only homes.

To learn more about T-Town TNR, visit https://www.ttowntnr.com/ or find them on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/TTownTNR


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