How to Manage a Multi-State Living Arrangement With a Pet Successfully: Best Practices

by Nick Burton

Juggling a multi-state living arrangement? There is no doubt that whether it’s for work or family, living in different homes can be challenging. And when you’re traveling back and forth with a pet in tow? It can officially feel like a lot! But the good news is that managing this lifestyle is easy – especially with these best practices outlined by Tulsa Pets Magazine below.

Getting Organized

Getting (and staying) organized will be the name of the game here. Since you’re spreading your life across two different homes, you will need to ensure you have everything you need in both houses. For example, it is best to have essentials like chargers, shoes, dry groceries, and work clothes in both locations. Be sure to photocopy important documents, so you’re set up with that in both locations as well – constantly traveling with essential documents can increase the risk of losing them. Evaluate all the other areas of your life to determine precisely what you need to feel set up and comfortable in both locations.

Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

Your pet’s comfort is, of course, a priority here. To keep your pet comfortable, you must ensure you have things on hand at both homes. Make a list of everything your pet loves – whether it’s a favorite harness bed or cat tree. If you need some inspiration on great gifts to get your pet, check out this guide by Women’s Health Magazine here. Before making a buying decision, be sure to look up reviews and ratings for an informed purchase. While customer reviews are great, looking at reviews from vets is an even better way to feel confident that the products you buy will keep your pet safe and healthy.

Saving Money

All the costs associated with a move can really add up. A good rule of thumb is to try and save money wherever possible, as you will be doubling your expenditure in other ways across two different homes. For example, you can save money by registering your car by spending half your time in one state and the other half in another. Another great option is getting your auto insurance policy in the state with the cheaper options. The same holds true for pet insurance policies, which are made more affordable through this approach. Some other easy ways to save include stocking up on nonperishable items and deep freezing things you can put away for later use. You could also purchase streaming options over cable, which means you can watch whatever you want and when you want.

Account for Moving Costs

According to Bustle, moving is one of the most stressful life events. And it’s easy to see why – in addition to the logistics of the move, there is also the increased financial burden that it comes with. To make this less stressful, account for various moving costs so you can start saving well in advance. Let’s take a look at some of the average prices of things in different cities:

  • Healthcare: The cost of healthcare in Atlanta, GA, is approximately $395.
  • Self-storage: If you’re moving to or from the greater San Antonio area, you can expect to pay approximately $94 for one 5 x 5 storage unit.
  • Insurance: If you live in New York City, NY, you can expect to pay $484 for insurance purposes.
  • Food and groceries: The cost of buying groceries and food in Birmingham, AL, is $466.
  • Cost of living: If you live in Birmingham, MA, the cost of entertainment is around $1200.

Ready to take on your multi-state living arrangement with confidence? Going back and forth between different homes doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. Instead, enjoy the process, especially as you have your very own furry friend in tow! Tulsa Pets Magazine is your one-stop resource for local products, services, information, and more! Click here to subscribe today


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