Get Your Pet Summer Ready

By Nick Burton

Summer can be as challenging for pets as it is for humans. This means that as a pet owner, you need to make an extra effort to get your pet ready for summer, especially if your pet is older or has health problems. Read on for some tips and tricks from TulsaPets Magazine to keep your pet healthy, cool, and active all summer long.

The Right Diet

First, make sure that your pet is getting the right diet for its age, activity level, and health. You might choose a blend of wet and dry food to give your pet some variety.

Focus on providing high-quality nutrition with natural ingredients—click for more information about premium kibble dog food. Read and follow portion suggestions, and talk to your vet if you have further questions. If you decide to cook for your pet, carefully research and balance the nutrients that your pet needs to stay healthy.

Provide plenty of water, too, especially in the summer months, so that your pet can remain hydrated. Some animals enjoy a fountain for their water, so you might consider that.

Exercise in Moderation

Pets need exercise, but this can get tricky in the summer heat. You can keep up a regular play and exercise schedule with indoor animals if you have air conditioning, but if you don’t, limit playtime to short sessions to avoid overheating. Take your dog for a walk early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the hottest part of the day, and bring water along. If you must walk during hot weather, take plenty of breaks in the shade, and don’t go too far.

Outdoor Considerations

If your pet spends a lot of time outdoors, you’ll need to take extra precautions in the summer. Provide shady areas for your pet to retreat into and get out of the sun’s glare. A doghouse or special area on or under a patio or deck might be just right. Provide plenty of drinking water, and change it frequently so that it remains as cool as possible. You might also offer your pet a kiddie pool to play in on hot days. Be sure, too, to keep your pet off cement or asphalt that can burn its paws.

Helpful Products

There are many products available these days to help keep your pet cool in the hot summer months. Look for cooling pads, for instance, as well as hammock beds, pet-friendly water bottles, cooling vests, and pet-safe mini-fans. Before you buy, though, read reviews online to see how other pet owners have used the products. Look for reviews from veterinarians as well, and focus especially on the products’ health and safety ratings. Then you can choose the right options to treat your pet like royalty.

Veterinary Care

Finally, don’t hesitate to get veterinary care for your pet if you notice any strange symptoms. Vet bills may sometimes seem overwhelming, especially if you have a senior pet. So consider purchasing pet care insurance. Research premiums, coverage levels, deductibles, and pet age maximums before you buy. Check out reviews, too, and get several quotes.

A Cool Pet

You can have a cool, comfortable, healthy pet this summer if you follow some of these tips and tricks. For more great pet tips and news, visit TulsaPets Magazine today!


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